Mothers of Sons Project




"What sons hear and feel from their mothers about men shapes them into the kind of man they will become."

Inspired by her relationship with her own son and expertise as a life coach, Terry Cranford birthed the MOTHERS OF SONS Project.  Under her impassioned leadership and living example, the MOTHERS OF SONS Project introduced a groundbreaking approach, charting a future of empowerment for future men of character shaped by whole and conscious mothers of sons. 

"Bravo for delivering the stated promise to fundamentally transform how we relate to ourselves and our sons and the courage involved in birthing this offering.  It has been an incredibly enriching and awakening path you walked us down.  Thank you for having faith in our unique and enduring mother of sons abilities."                                

~  Oliva, Mother of 2 sons




Date:  September 30 or October 7, 7 pm

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1347 Church Street

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The MOTHERS OF SONS Project is a compelling and relevant call to action consisting of a 24 hour, over a 6 month period, intensive life coach training that supports mothers of sons to become conscious of and heal their unresolved and disempowered history with men and maleness in order to shape their sons into strong, responsible, sensitive and exceptional men of character.

Come join life coach extraordinaire and mother of son, Terry Cranford, to explore the most powerful human relationship and how it influences all aspects of our global culture. Terry is an inspired model of joy, clarity and purpose in all of her relationships and is a thought leader in coaching Self-empowerment. She created the MOTHERS OF SONS Project because of her deep belief that mothers of sons hold a significant key to inspiring a profoundly transformative movement, one son at a time, to affect global spiritual awakening, joy and peace. She looks forward to the opportunity to meet you.


Heal your wounded history with men to foster your son's healthy evolution into a man

Incorporate self-empowerment 'tools for life' to confidently mother your son

Learn how to integrate and model the characteristics you want your son to be and extend in the world

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"The MOTHERS OF SONS Project has changed my life along with empowering me to act the way I never thought possible with my sons. I now have the tools I need to be the Mother I've dreamed. I am fully committed to living this way of being."

~  Kelly, Mother of 2 sons

"Terry Cranford is a personal friend and what I would call a Master Manifestor. Her capacity for loving, clear communication that results in beautiful relationship outcomes is off-the-charts. I have watched her navigate difficult situations with unparalleled grace, compassion and confidence."

~  Dr. Sam