Life Coaching

Terry supports her clients to self-empowerment whereby they can be all they are created to be, so that our world can be blessed by the divine gifts of each and every unique, worthy, and precious individual.


I Dare You to Love Yourself Seminar an invitation for you to fearlessly and whole-heartedly embrace yourself. In a sacred space, you will be provided with opportunities for stimulating conversation, self-reflection, healing movement, and the application of self-empowerment tools.

The seminar is designed to set your energy in motion toward authenticity, creativity, and genuine love of Self and others. Self-Love inspires the choice for love in all circumstances and with all of humanity. It is the key to happiness and fulfillment. 

Date:  TBA

Potrero Hill, San Francisco

Facilitated by extraordinary Life Coaches Katie Cariffe & Terry Cranford




The Way of Mastery Study Group

You are Joyfully Invited to...

"an awakened state which empowers you to be all you are created to be, so that our world can be blessed by the divine gifts of each and every unique, worthy and precious individual"

'Can Spirituality be this Fun'....Coach Terry

Together we will be reading, discussing and living in the inquiry about material called 'The Way of Mastery', by Shanti Christo Foundation.

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9:00 - 10:30 am Saturdays

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Please purchase your own book and be lovingly warned...

TOGETHER we're going to SOAR!



The LivingMASTERY training is purposefully designed to be a catalyst for awakening the master within igniting fearlessness, compassion, wisdom and inspired purposeful living. Utilizing universal principles of Self-empowerment and contemplative inquiry, we will explore your historical emotional ecology so that you can begin to heal and transform its impact both personally and professionally. This Self-discovery process will illuminate your unique gifts, talents and life purpose as a platform to offer meaningful service to humanity.




Mindfulness Teacher Training in Schools

"Thank you so much for bringing mindfulness to our school community and more me. I loved every minute of the experience and your encouragement and expertise."

~ Holly, Mindful elementary school teacher


Conscious Uncoupling

"Before I hired Terry as my life coach, I had no idea that ending my marriage could be so full of respect, peace and possibility. Choosing to uncouple consciously has allowed me to maintain the respect, love and honor that my husband and I first felt upon falling in love as we allowed our relationship to transform and change with love intact. Thank you, deeply, Terry for the model and support."

~  Janice, consciously uncoupled and thriving