Everything Communicates

Every breath you take
Every move your make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.  
~ Sting

Just as you watched and learned from your parents, school, church, neighborhood, and culture…you’re children are doing the same.

So, if you experienced verbal, physical, emotional abuse or neglect while you were growing up, it is essential that you become, deeply, aware of your state of mind.

Because your thoughts, fueled by your emotions are creating your behavior. And, if you are experiencing dis-empowered behaviors and want to experience empowerment, it is essential that you change your thoughts.

This is an ongoing, breath by breath, practice.

Ask yourself…is there a way I am behaving that I’d like to change. You must challenge and change your patterns of thought in order to have a different experience.

Then consider…what am I thinking while I behave this way?

Typically, it’s a dis-empowered thought. Once you identify the thought, become aware of how you feel when you have this thought. Then take note of how you behave when you have that thought. This is your dis-empowered creative pattern.

The good news is that once you’ve identified your dis-empowered thoughts, feelings and behavior you get to choose a new empowered thought…notice how you feel when you think it and how you would behave given that thought.

You are literally creating new neural pathways (just like you did when you were in utero!) to support an empowered way of feeling and being in the world.

Repetition is the Mother of all skill, it is said…you must fill your mind with the new thought…over and over again, until it becomes your new way of thinking and thusly, being.

I am, undoubtedly, responsible for creating all of my experiences according to the level of my thoughts. All of my thoughts and beliefs, when fueled by my feelings, move energy into motion, subsequently affecting my behavior.  ~  Coach Terry

Terry Cranford